Persona Surgical Modelling Co. Ltd

About US

Persona Surgical Modelling Co., Ltd., referred to as Persona, is committed to the development and application of 3D printing technology for different medical streams, to provide the most innovative and effective medical solutions, including 3D preoperative model, surgical guide, custom implant, and different custom wearable devices. Since the establishment of the company, technology innovation has always been Persona’s main focus, including the innovation in image processing algorithm, 3D design automation, web-based communication platform, surgical workflow and printable material. In addition, Persona has strengthened its collaboration with different medical institute by partnering with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks to prepare strategic cooperation to explore the prospect of the 3D printing industry for the development of new high-tech industries in Hong Kong.

佰盛立醫學三維科技有限公司是一家致力於研發與應用各類最新的醫學科技,為廣大醫療機構提供最嶄新有效的醫療解決方案,包括3D打印術前模型,手術導板,個人定製植入體,手術機器人,康復器械和各種虛擬現實技術。 公司自成立之初堅持以3D打印技術研發為本,著力開發新材料與世界各科院醫學院深度合作,成立3D打印研發團隊,並開展3D打印設備與應用材料相關各類課題的研發。 此外,佰盛立加強與香港科技園和各醫學院成立醫學3D打印協會、籌備戰略合作,深度探索3D打印行業對於中國發展新高技術產業應用的前景。

Persona’s Technology 

Persona utilizes medical and engineering knowledge to provide customized healthcare services. We are specialized in: 
# Converting medical images to 3D model 
# Advanced 3D CAD modelling  
# Automated Customized Design 
# 3D Scanning  
# All kinds of 3D printing technology, FDM, Polyjet, DLP, SLA, SLS, etc 

# 轉換醫學圖像為三維立體模型
# 先進三維建模
# 自動個性化設計
# 三維立體掃瞄
# 各種3D打印技術

Our Mission - Customized Healthcare 
公司宗旨 - 實踐個性化醫療

Every person is unique, and we believe medical treatment should be personalized, especially when we are dealing with complicated anatomy. Therefore, we provide the design and production services of different customized medical devices, to help surgeons and other clinicians to treat each individual patient in the best possible way.

每個病人都是獨一無二的,我們相信每個病人都應該得到個性化的護理,特別是在使用植入物時。因此,我們提供各類個人定製植入物的設計和生產服務,以幫助外科醫生以最佳方式幫助每個體患者。 “通過向醫生提供定製產品和服務,提高患者的術後生活質量”